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With Squizify, you’re protecting what’s most important – both your customers and your business

Squizify provides you with a clear and complete picture of your business from a food safety perspective, so you can do what you do best – serve great food whilst giving your customers the best experience keeping them coming back time and time again.

Food is what brings us together

Customers vote with the feet so it’s more important than ever to ensure your brand is protected from a food safety point of view

3,200 Checklists Completed

Av. annual checks a location completes

20,000 Items Checked for Food Safety

Av. annual items a location completes

182 Hours Saved

Av. annual hours saved per location

Squizify is made by people from the food
industry for people in the food industry

See how Squizify can benefit your business with data-driven tools to help manage all your food safety needs