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Steps to Installing your Temperature Sensors

  1. Connect gateway to your modem and turn it on.
  2. Take a sensor and turn it on by holding down the button on the bottom of the sensor. A solid green light will display on the front, keep holding down the button until the green light changes to a flashing green light at which time you can let go of the button. Once the flashing stops a red light will appear. This is telling you the sensor is searching for your gateway. When located and connected to the gateway it will flash green twice. Your sensor is now connected to your gateway.
  3. Now find a place where you want to install the gateway. If you are placing it on a wall, thoroughly clean the surface with a dry cloth, removing all possible dust. Remove the adhesive sticker on the back and place firmly in position. Hold the sensor in place for 5 seconds to ensure a good grip. If you are positioning it on a shelf, we suggest you use the zip ties provided to lock it in place.
  4. Log into the Squizify App and go to the Sensors Tab on the Left Hand Menu. Click on the sensor you installed, go to the configuration and click the Edit Icon (the pencil next to the header.) Name the sensor as you wish. We recommend using a naming convention identifying the position, for example if the sensor is installed in the freezer we suggest naming it Main Freezer.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the any remaining sensors.

Download PDF Instructions