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Whether you are opening your first independent restaurant, or you are in charge of a number of franchise stores there are many important factors to consider before opening your doors. Business owners tend to be so focused on hiring staff and designing menus that food safety is overlooked or left as an afterthought. Unfortunately not putting thought and effort into food safety processes could easily be the downfall of your business. Here are some quick easy tips to make sure your restaurant is meeting Australia’s food safety standards.

1.    Engage all staff in proper food safety practices

When it comes to training staff on food safety it is not enough to hand them a heavy pile of rules and ask them to read them over in their own time. If you want your staff to properly perform food safety practices they need to be engaged and truly understand what food safety means to the business and the danger bad food safety poses to customers. After all, proper food safety can save lives. There are plenty of creative strategies to familiarise your staff with safe food practices in ways that won’t feel tedious and overwhelming. Squizify’s CEO and food safety expert Daniel McDouall says “You are only as good as your weakest link so you want every staff member to be across the basics and every staff member to be an advocate in terms of safety.”

2.    Train a Food Safety Supervisor

Across Australia, it is a legal requirement to have a Food Safety Supervisor on the payroll. This is a nationally accredited qualification. According to Daniel, having a good food safety officer is about more than just ticking a box. He says “Having advocates from the business that really care about food safety and are continually checking and following up on general safety and making sure staff are aware of procedures and rules is extremely beneficial for your business.” Nominating a Food Safety Supervisor is also a good way to reward a hardworking staff member by giving them extra responsibility and therefore demonstrating trust.

3.    Keep up to date with all the rules and regulations

Rules and regulations relating to food safety are constantly changing and evolving. As a business owner, it is imperative that you stay up to date with the rules. This can be overwhelming, confusing and time-consuming. Luckily the Squizify platform is up to date with all the current food safety requirements so just by using this platform you know you are covering your bases.

4.   Invest in Squizify

If you own a business the sells food you are going to spend a lot of money on staff training. This is just how the industry operates. If you are paying for it, it may as well be worth it. Daniel says, “If it’s not the right training, and doesn’t resonate with the staff members they’ll switch off.” When it comes to ensuring your business is following food safety practices, Squizify is a real game changer. This technology takes a lot of the manual labour out of food safety making it easier for you to focus on the fun part of running a food business. Daniel says “Let us do the heavy lifting, we’ll focus on health and safety while you look after the customers and running your business.”

If you want to make sure your food safety practices are always up to scratch make an enquiry about installing Squizify via our website today.