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Systemising processes so nothing gets missed

Effectively managing your food safety requires the right tools. That’s why we offer a complete suite of features to simplify processes, drive a better performance and ensure critical food safety tasks don’t get missed. Squizify can automate some of the process in order to minimise human error while ensuring daily food safety tasks can be completed quickly and efficiently allowing you to focus on what you do best, serving your customers.


  • Customised checklists so nothing gets missed
  • Alert and notifications when things fall out of range
  • Frictionless process for accurate records
  • Best in class reporting and analytics

Go on, have a squiz.

Better process pays off

Better food safety starts with the right systems. Squizify enables businesses to not just be compliant but have best in class operations. Business is better protected against any negative food safety issues therefore keeping customers safe and coming back.

Staying food safe complaint has never been so easy

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