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Using the right tools to automate processes and improve accuracy is fast becoming the new normal.

Capture the temperature of your fridges and freezers automatically


  • Using Squizify’s LoRaWAN temperature sensors improves food quality controls.
  • Easy to setup system that can be easily done by business owners or staff.
  • Generate alerts, notifications and reports so the right people are informed when issues arise.

Ensure all food is labelled correctly removing human error


  • Clear food labelling is a must for any food operations.
  • Squizify’s label solution removes human confusion and ensures all food held is within the correct time frames.
  • Push out new labels across networks in minutes ensuring every location has the most up to date information.

Capturing temperatures via bluetooth improves accuracy and saves time


  • Whether it be a probe or infrared, Squizify bluetooth temperature devices help users capture the correct temperature quickly and easily.
  • A cost effective way for food business to capture accurate temperatures and securely log them into the Squizify system.