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Checking what matters most, more often dramatically reduces risk

Automated Temperature Recording

  • Automatically record the temperature of fridge & freezer assets.
  • Alerts & notifications sent to key people if temp falls outside of the correct range preventing stock loss claims.
  • See temperature trends to catch any abnormalities and fix in advance to prevent expensive breakdown or replacement claims.

Correctly Maintaining Key Assets

  • Ensuring key assets are maintained to manufactures requirements is easy with Squizify’s step by step process.
  • Maintaining equipment correctly minimises the risk of expensive breakdowns.
  • Checking key equipment on a regular basis ensures issues are found quickly resulting in actions being taken promptly.

Helping our clients proactively see issues in advance enabling them to fix them before they become claims is a win/win for our clients and our business

Daily Routine Checks

  • Checking what matters most, more than often is how businesses become best in class.
  • Reduce the risk of food safety issues, incidents & accidents and overall issues that can result in claims.
  • Give insurance agents the ability to work with clients to come up with customised regular inspections that check what insurance companies deem to be high risk areas.

Reports & Analytics

  • Insurance agents get regular insights on how stores are performing in relation to key insurance risk areas.
  • Give agents another reason to speak to clients to build stronger relationships.
  • Enable agents to go armed with key client data and analytics when reviewing accounts to get better outcomes and more business.
  • Get network wide data to identify low and high risk accounts.