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Create your own inspections to suit your brand

The power to create your very own inspections to suit each location or simply choose from our extensive library, using Squizify inspections gives your brand the ability to track and measure remotely anything.

Go on, have a squiz.

“Manage what matters most in your business, more often is the name of the game”

Customised Inspections


  • Create your own library of inspections to be used as and when needed.
  • Ensure each inspection is relevant to your location with the ability to customise each store.
  • Pull detailed reports on all inspections to get better insights into operations.

Create once, use many times


  • Create an inspection once and push out across your entire network so all locations are inspecting what’s most important to your brand.
  • Create bespoke inspections on the fly to get the information you want quickly and easily.
  • Duplicate local health inspectors food safety audits so your teams can do their own self audits.

Schedule regular inspections


  • Use our scheduler to ensure inspections get done on time, every time.
  • Complete customisation and flexibility.
  • Easy to follow design ensuring engagement from all stake holders.