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Hey! We’re Squizify.

We’re everyday people with an extraordinary purpose…saving lives through improved food safety.

Our team is made up of thinkers, talkers, planners, makers, builders and everything in between. Together, we’re helping businesses improve food safety one bite at a time.

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At Squizify we practice what we preach. This platform was built for people working in the food service industry, by people who work in the food service industry.
Food safety is no joke. More than ever business owners are being held to an incredibly high food safety standard, particularly given this new covid world we find ourselves in. It doesn’t matter how much time, effort and money has gone into making your business venture a success. One bad health and safety check could make it all come crashing down.
So go on, have a squiz and protect your biz!”

Keen to take a squiz yourself, come join our team!

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We are on a mission to improve global food safety, one plate at a time. We are looking for passionate, driven people.  People that give a stuff about making a difference by helping food business create a positive culture around food safety and have a great time doing it!

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