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Business Owners

Better efficiencies = dollars saved

Running a business can be hard and juggling multiple balls all at once more the norm than the exception. When it comes to food safety there is no room for error. Having a food safety system that improves accuracy, saves time and is easy to use is more important than ever for running a successful business. For the times when the health inspector shows up, having peace of mind your business isn’t going to get any nasty surprises is worth more than gold.


  • Customised checklists so nothing gets missed
  • Alert and notifications when things fall out of range
  • Frictionless process for accurate records
  • Best in class reporting and analytics

Go on, have a squiz.

Don’t let food safety undo all your hard work

It can take years of blood sweat and tears to build up your business, yet just moments to destroy it should your business suffer a poor food safety outbreak. This is why having the right tools goes a long way to protecting your business and gives you the peace of mind that when you are not there the business is still performing to a high food safe standard.

Ensuring all staff are correctly trained in quality food safety practises is one of the most important task any food business owner can do

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