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Turn issues into actions so nothing gets missed

Giving Staff the power to create an action when they see something is wrong means the right people are made aware quicker, resulting in a safer environment for everyone.

Go on, have a squiz.

Creating a culture of safety where small issues are turned into actions makes for a safer environment for everyone.

Food Safety Issues


  • When a food safety issue comes up, staff can record it and notify the right people in your business.
  • Notifying the right people of issues quickly before they become big problems.
  • Remove confusion around who is responsible for fixing food safety issues.
  • Track and measure where actions are so everyone is on the same page.

Safety Hazards


  • When any safety hazards are noticed, staff can record as they go and create an action for it to be fixed to minimise potential problems quickly.
  • Prove hazards have been recorded correctly so nothing gets missed.
  • Pull detailed reports on hazards recorded across your network.
  • Help create a culture of safety for your brand.

Repairs & Maintenance


  • Some maintenance hazards can be extremely dangerous, so having the ability to record and set in motion a way to fix these quickly is so important.
  • See where certain repairs are at with our tracking ability.
  • For multi-site operators they can have all their maintenance tasks in one spot with details on who created the action.